Why it’s important to keep your heating oil tank full at all times

When using an oil tank to heat your home, it is important that you are always aware of the amount of oil in your tank. There is nothing worse than running out of oil on a chilly night and leaving your family uncomfortable until morning comes. Aside from the obvious negative of having a frigid home, there are several other reasons why you should ensure your tank never comes close to being empty. 


Avoid Costly Damages

While most people make sure their heating oil tank is full during the colder months, many do not consider that issues may arise if they leave the tank empty during the spring and summer. As your tank gets low and close to empty, your heating system is more likely to pick up any sludge and dirt which has settled to the bottom of the tank. This sludge and dirt exists in all #2 heating oil and will settle to the bottom of your tank. Running your tank down low can cause your heating system’s nozzle and filter to clog and stop your burner from running or require more frequent cleanings and tune ups. When the heat comes and there is more humidity, condensation in the tank can cause extensive damage that eventually leads to costly tank repairs and replacements. A good rule of thumb is to have a maintenance plan that ensures your tank is filled once the winter is over. 


Save Money in the Long Run

As the cost of fuel fluctuates daily, it is a good idea to have your tank filled when prices are lower. Even if you do not need to use your tank at the moment, when prices are low you can take advantage of them and have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you won’t have to fill the tank again when prices rise.  


Keep Your Family Safe During an Emergency

A third benefit of keeping your tank full at all times is knowing that your family will be safe should any unforeseen weather emergencies crop up. If there is a bad storm and you run out of fuel to heat your home, it may be difficult to get a technician to your home right away. Avoid this problem by having regularly scheduled fill-ups and maintenance. 


If you have questions about how full you should keep your tank and how best to maintain it during the warmer months, let the experts at All Island Fuel know! Our team is here to help you every season of the year. Call us today! 631-281-7300