Do Your Research!

We all want to save money. But do we really want to sacrifice quality in order to do so? This is what you should consider when choosing a fuel delivery company. Just because a company offers “the best prices around” doesn’t mean their services will follow suit. 


You Get What You Pay For 

While it’s never a bad idea to see how far you can stretch your hard-earned money, think about the repercussions of working with a fuel company that does cheap work. You want your fuel to be delivered on time and you need that fuel to be of the highest quality. After all, it’s what you depend on to keep your family comfortable throughout the year! 

If you choose a fuel company that guarantees the best prices without following through with their end of the deal, you could be waiting around for them to show up, or simply be left in the cold. Some companies may try to tempt you with lower prices upfront to compensate for their lowly customer service later on. 


Ensure the Company Works for You 

Take your time when choosing a fuel delivery service. Make sure the company has a reputable history, a good number of highly trained employees and see if they offer any guarantees to ensure your satisfaction. Luckily for you, All Island Fuel has all three! We’ve also received numerous customer testimonials praising our high level of service. 

Our fleet of over 15 fuel delivery trucks can ensure fast, reliable service and delivery 7 days per week! 


Unlike other smaller companies, who rely on outside garages to repair their fuel trucks, All Island Fuel has its own full-time diesel mechanics and repair shop that operate around the clock to ensure our trucks are ruining reliably with fewer breakdowns and quicker repairs. There simply is no waiting the days or weeks repairs can take when outside shops are trying to balance their large workloads amongst their competing customers. This translates into more reliability and a higher level of service than customers can achieve when buying heating oil from other companies. 


Learn More About Our Refer A Friend Program! 

Unlike other fuel companies, All Island Fuel is all about saving you money without sacrificing our quality of service. When you refer a friend who is not yet a customer of All Island Fuel, you can both save $10! You can refer as many friends as you’d like to maximize your savings and spread the word about the great service you receive from our reputable company. 


Now that you know how to find the best fuel delivery company around, you can confidently call All Island Fuel for your home heating needs on Long Island. We look forward to earning your trust and your business!