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Burn Less, Save More!

December 31, 2018


At All Island Fuel, we are always available to deliver the fuel you need in a convenient and professional manner, but we want you to take advantage of tips and tricks that will keep you warm while saving you money. Burning less fuel means more savings in your pocket! Here are five ways you can burn less fuel this winter. 

  1. Lower your thermostat. Why heat an empty home? Turn the thermostat down a few notches while you’re away. Better yet, purchase a thermostat that allows you to program your usage ahead of time. 

  2. Seal your home. Make sure all the little nooks and crannies in your home are covered or sealed, like around doors and windows, and underneath the kitchen sink. 

  3. Stay cozy inside. Nothing keeps you warm like bundling under a warm blanket with thick socks. Keep cozy by layering up this winter.  

  4. Insulate everything. Research or hire a company to insulate your basement, walls, floors, and more. 

  5. Don’t forget the kitchen! Fuel is used to power your oven, too. Try using a toaster oven instead or skip the oven altogether when making dinner. 

  6. Close unused rooms. If there are areas of your home that you don’t use as much, consider closing them for the season. 

Once you’ve taken these steps to lower your fuel usage, keep All Island Fuel in mind for your future fuel needs. We can help you save more money by providing the lowest prices in Nassau County and Suffolk County. In fact, we have a low price guarantee; we promise to beat any competitor’s price by 2 cents per gallon!


Call us today at 631-281-7300 to schedule a delivery. 


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